Weekly wisdom for December 22, 2019

Kingdoms of the earth have come and gone, yet God's kingdom came and will last forever.

Weekly wisdom for December 15, 2019

Who would willingly put himself in harm's way for others? Jesus, that's who.

Weekly wisdom for December 8, 2019

Losing something precious to us can cause great anxiety. Imagine how God feels at the loss of his created children.

Weekly wisdom for December 1, 2019

John 3:16 is the most quoted Bible verse. It's meaning is profound.

Weekly wisdom for November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving should be about thanking the giver of blessings: God.

Weekly wisdom for November 17, 2019

Little white lies are still lies. Others should be able to count on us to tell the truth.

Weekly wisdom for November 10, 2019

Truth is determined through reasoning about established facts.

Weekly wisdom for November 3, 2019

The gospel of Christ is for all people everywhere, regardless of race, gender, social or financial status, or other things that divide men. 

Weekly wisdom for October 27, 2019

Breaking laws has consequences. How and when do Christians face consequences for breaking God's laws?

Weekly wisdom for October 20, 2019

The earth is beautiful, but temporary. Some day, it will end. Heaven is even more beautiful and eternal.

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