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Weekly Wisdom: Hope of Heaven

November 24th, 2019 · Comments

Weekly wisdom for September 22, 2019

No one on earth has seen Heaven, so many don't believe if exists. The Christian can have hope of a Heaven based on evidence.

Tags: · hope · faith · lying

The Fundamentals of Salvation

April 2nd, 2016 · Comments

Christ died for the salvation of all, but not all will be saved. What must one do, if anything, to have the salvation that Christ offers?

Speaker: Stan Crowley

From the Series: Back to the Fundamentals

Date: April 1, 2016

Tags: · sermon · faith · repentance · salvation · baptism · confession

Becoming a People of Faith

December 31st, 2015 · Comments

Becoming a People of Faith

Speaker: Daniel Lange

Date: December 27, 2015

Tags: · sermon · faith

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